The suggestion box – does it work?

I was daydreaming a little last night (at my golf club AGM of all things!), and I wondered whether the suggestion box was still used by companies.


Some of the best and most profitable business ideas have come from suggestions – did you know that it was an employee that suggested to Colgate they should widen the opening of the head on their toothpaste tubes – this didn’t save the company any money….but it increased sales considerably !


In fact, according to Wikedpdia, almost £2b of savings have been made by companies adopting a thoughtful and structured suggestion system.



If you want to try it out, then there are online versions, Apps, super techie stuff….but the best one I found was on a blog I read. Its great….the idea is simple…its visual…its collaborative and looks fun….


I am going to try it out at Frillo, as I think empowerment is important.


If you use suggestions, please email me with your systems. I would love to see how you get on –