10 Thoughts We All Have Every Monday

1. Do I really have to get up this early for the next four days?!       2. I can’t remember anything from those meetings last week.       3. What is this meeting about?       4. Is it lunchtime yet?       5. Why does my lunch break go … Continued

What's Been In The News This Week?

The Latest Entrepreneurial News from Around the Globe   Service, Please Do you get frustrated when you’re transferred to multiple customer service agents? Well, you’re not alone! 71% of consumers would move to a competitor for the same reason. A recent survey by Magnetic North has shown that poor customer experience is costing UK brands … Continued

How To Be Everyone's Favourite Co-Worker

It’s easy to forget that we spend an average of 40 hours a week with our colleagues. If you forget the average 6 hours and 42 minutes that we spend sleeping, that’s roughly an hour and a half more than we spend at home with our partners, flatmates or pets… even Netflix! You may think … Continued

10 Business Lessons From This Year's 'The Apprentice'

Another year, another business partner. 12 weeks passed, and Lord Sugar showcased the UK’s ‘finest’ (ahem) business acumen to goggleboxers across the nation, in a series of gruelling (and hilarious) tasks.   While each and every episode had it’s tribulations, here’s a summary of the life lessons learned from this year’s The Apprentice.     1. … Continued

Is Your Office All Fun And Games?

Everyone who works in an office environment will agree there are times in the day when you need a little bit of motivation! The number one reason people love their job is because of their co-workers; which is why, every now and then, we need a five-minute break!   Here are the top 5 office games … Continued

Hanging In There: 5 Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

While working all hours may seem a surefire way to build the career of your dreams; more often than not, neglecting your life outside of work is the start of the slippery slope to office burnout.   Of course, you drink endless cups of coffee to keep concentration on your computer screen- but is it … Continued

8 Office Essentials To Help You Get You Organised

We’ve all been there; sat at the desk, staring at the computer screen, struggling to concentrate.   Well, we’re here to help you get in the right mindset with hand-picked products to help you get organised and to increase your productivity in the office.   1. Challenge Planning ‘Things To Do Today’ Book, £6.11   … Continued

Frillo Reviews…Grammarly Spell Checker and Grammar Checker

In one of our previous weekly news round-ups, we happened to mention our love for the Grammarly Spelling and Grammar Checker, and how we’ve come to rely on it in recent months. Well, you weren’t the only ones reading! The lovely lot over at Grammarly happened to stumble across our article and have since asked … Continued

Are You Spending Too Much Time Buying Office Supplies?

It’s no secret that many small businesses get bogged down with company admin and HR. Without a designated department to cover organisation and admin, it often falls on each and every individual to cover these duties alongside their day-to-day tasks….and that includes business owners! Yes, you heard right, many entrepreneurs are more than familiar with taking … Continued

The Autumn Equinox: How To Prepare For Winter In The Office

The nights are now longer than the days, meaning that it won’t be long before we only see sunlight from behind the office window…   While we wish that we could hibernate all winter long (even if it is only to avoid waking up to the pitch black at 6.30am), office life goes on! So … Continued